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Every business is in service to others. Your business has a vision, a mission and a PURPOSE to fulfill. OUR mission is to help you fulfill your mission through creating just the right type of website for your business.

Since 2000, Civic Site Design has worked with individuals & small business entrepreneurs to help them get their company's message across via their website. We sit down and really listen to our client's needs, incorporating that vision into a website that reflects their mission, their passion for their business, their life's work.

You may be doing it for your company, but your company's journey is YOUR journey. We don't work for companies - we work for YOU.

Work on Your Business
Not Your 'site!

Are people really saving money when they work on their own website? Once the small business owner realizes time is money, they also realize they don't have time to go through a learning curve, trial and error, research, planning, classes, troubleshooting downtime, etc. Great websites aren't built in a day and the old adage of, "You Get What You Pay For" never rang as true as it does when designing a website to represent your business, your passion, your mission in life.


women shopping We offer our customers a wide variety of products and services, yet all related to giving you a presence on the World Wide Web. Website Design – We do creation, maintenance & updates. Tie in your social networking links, embed videos, add chat room, podcasts, forums, shopping carts and webinar capabilities. Click Here to see our complete list of services.

The Next Best Step...

...is yours. And we are here for you.

If you need guidance, take advantage of our FREE consultation services to learn your options. Every business and person has different needs and goals. Tell us what yours are and together we can point you in the right direction.

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